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Who I am

My husband and I own a home on two acres in Cleveland Georgia, where I keep many breeds of  chickens who free range in during the yard during the day and provide us with loads of fresh eggs which I sell. We also have guinea hens that alert us to any visitors with their noisy alarms. Not the brightest of birds, they are always making us laugh with their antics.


Add to that  our wonderful guardian dog, Hagrid, and our home is overflowing with activity and good times! 

Why Use Me?

I have been piecing quilts for years and finally decided to purchase a computerized Gammill longarm and learn to quilt them myself. Once I got the swing of it, I began the fun and challenge of quilting for friends, and eventually customers. I have been longarming since 2017 and have worked on many different types of quilts - some simple edge to edge, and some completely custom. The fun is in helping customers choose a good pattern or patterns, along with thread color, to best fit their quilt and to make their piecing stand out. Better yet is when I get to design a quilt for a customer. And if a customer can't make up their mind about a pattern, I take pictures of their quilt and audition various quilt patterns directly on it. This makes it much easier to see what best suits you! I accept quilts in the mail, quilts people drop off at our home , or I can meet you at the Quilt 'n Kaboodle quilt store in Cleveland (you can shop for your next project while you're there!). I also accept and deliver quilts at the various quilt guilds I belong to in Ball Ground, Clarkesville or Cleveland. Give me a call or send me an email. I'm sure we can work out something convenient for you! 

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