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* Check to be sure all seams are secure. Please stay-stitch around the entire quilt if there are no borders. This will ensure that your seams do not pull apart when the quilt is being loaded onto the frame.

*Please be sure to inform us which side is the top of your quilt if you have a preference.

* We cannot accept quilt tops with any strong odors, such as cigarette smoke or mothballs.

* Batting and backing should be 3-4 inches wider on each side of the quilt top.

* The three layers of your quilt will be loaded on the machine independently of one another. Please do not pin or baste them together.

* Be aware that it is difficult to perfectly center the top over the backing in both directions. A backing with a center monogram or border is likely to be "off" in the final product.

* If you pre-washed the fabrics used in your quilt top, it is highly recommended that you pre-wash your backing fabric as well so that shrinkage is not a problem for your finished quilt.

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