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Meet Hei Hei! He's our rooster mascot and roams our yard happily with his many hens
Hei Hei means "chicken or rooster" in Hawaiian, in case you haven't watched  Disney's Moana!

The Patchwork Rooster

Quilting to crow about!

We use only the best threads when quilting for you!

Signature Cotton

Signature thread is a 100% mercerized long-staple cotton thread. The three-ply, long staple fiber construction, combined with the mercerization and finishing processes this fiber passes through, all contribute to the superior strength, luster, and low link properties of this high quality thread. It is ideal for providing dimension, texture and visual interest. There is slight shrinkage when washed.

Omni Polyester

If you prefer polyester, we use Omni. It is a cleaner, brighter, and stronger alternative to other poly-wrapped poly core threads. Polyester thread does not shrink.