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We use only the best threads when quilting for you!

Signature Cotton

Signature thread is a 100% mercerized long-staple cotton thread. The three-ply, long staple fiber construction, combined with the mercerization and finishing processes this fiber passes through, all contribute to the superior strength, luster, and low link properties of this high quality thread. It is ideal for providing dimension, texture and visual interest. There is slight shrinkage when washed.

Sulky Metallics

Sulky Metallics add an elegant sparkle to your quilt. A round, twisted thread that is created by twisting and bonding a fine metallic foil around a strong core to create an exceptionally smooth, strong and pliable thread.

Sulky Variegated

These exciting, multicolor threads are a blend of different colors within the same range of tone and intensity, with random, subtle color changes every 2-1/2 to 5 inches. No other thread does this! 

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