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Batting Information

These are the types and brands of batting we carry in stock. You may provide your own batting if you wish. We can discuss this when you bring your quilt top to us.


Quilters Dream Cotton uses the finest quality long staple USA cotton. The cotton fibers are mechanically cleaned (no chemicals) and then specially carded, crosslapped and needle punched for unmatched consistency and strength. There is no scrim, resin or glue – just 100% pure natural cotton. Because it is such a high grade of cotton and has a unique multi-step processing, Quilters Dream Cotton Batting is strong yet exceptionally soft and has a beautiful drape.

Dream Cotton has a very high thermal value (R=3.8) and is warm in the winter, yet wicks moisture away from the body to keep you cool in the summer. With 100% natural environmentally friendly cotton, this batting bears Cotton Incorporated's black seal. Shrinkage is minimal.


Quilters Dream 80/20 natural, the perfect blend of 80% high grade long staple USA cotton fiber paired with 20% fine denier poly microfiber for a soft, silky batting that drapes beautifully and breathes well. The long staple cotton fiber reduces shrinkage and adds stability so that the stitches can be up to 8” apart. The poly micro fibers add loft and resistance to creases/wrinkles. Our proprietary blended fibers are specially carded, cross-lapped, and needle-punched for strength, consistency, and a beautiful soft drape. There are no scrims, glues, or other binders to resist the needle, so this fine batting can be hand or machine quilted with ease.


Quilters Dream Wool is made with a scoured and super washed domestic and fine merino wool that has been blended, carded, crosslapped and thermally bonded*. Quilters Dream’s unique processing creates wool batting with exceptionally soft drape, uniformity and strength. Truly a “cut above.” It is light, luxurious and wonderfully warm, with a loft of 1/3 – 1/2” that beautifully accentuates quilting.

This batting may be machine washed and dried on cold settings without shrinkage.

*thermal bonding is a process that interlocks the fibers through the use of heat energy. A special fine denier low melt polyester for the thermal bonding is used. It is an environmentally favorable technology, free from chemical resin binders.

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