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There is a minimum charge of $45. 


When you bring me your quilt, you will know the exact amount that it will cost you to have me quilt it before you leave.


The term edge to edge means using one design over the entire quilt. There is no different quilting on borders or blocks.


If you are unsure of which pattern to choose for your quilt, just email me an accurate picture of it. I would be happy to audition any number of patterns on top of your picture and then email them to you at no extra charge. That way you can see what a pattern would look like right on your quilt and make a more informed decision as to what you might like!


All edge to edge designs: 2 cents per square inch


Borders done separately from the edge to edge: add 1/2 cent per square inch for each border to the edge to edge price

Complete Custom: 5 to 10 cents per square inch depending on the intricacy. It takes days to do an involved custom quilt, and the result is well worth the price!

To estimate the cost of quilting, multiply your quilt width by height and then multiply it by the given cost. For example,

a 60” x 70” quilt using a .02 cent edge to edge pattern and no extra border the following would apply:

60 x 70 = 4,200 square inches

4,200 x .02 = $84.00

Machine sew binding to front of Quilt - $0.15 per linear inch

You provide the premade binding and I will attach it to the quilt by machine. It will be ready for you to finish hand-sewing in place.

Machine/Hand Binding - $0.30 per linear inch

You provide the fabric and I will cut the binding, attach it to the quilt by machine and hand sew in place.

How to calculate linear inches - Add the top and bottom measurements of the quilt, then the measurements of both sides of the quilt. Now add all measurements together and this will give you the total linear inches for binding.


Quilters Dream Cotton Deluxe, 93" wide $16.00/yd

Quilters Dream 80/20 Select, 93" wide $13.00/yd

Quilters Dream Wool, 93" wide $16.00/yd


108" wide backing: $15/yd

108" natural muslin backing: $12/yd

43" flannel backing for t-shirt quilts or quilts you want to be very lightweight: $14.00/yd (108" wide)

Non-quilting related work: $20.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of $20.00. This includes sewing backing piece together, quilt top repair work, stay-stitching of quilt top sides, removal and replacement of buttons, etc.

I happily accept quilt tops that are mailed to me. Once completed, I will ship the quilt back to you for the exact cost of shipping. I will provide the packaging at no charge.

Thread charge: The only time I charge for thread is when using metallics due to its much higher cost and difficulty to use. There would be a .005 extra charge per square inch of your quilt.

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